Mental Health Support: SOSAD & The Samaritans

May 08, 2024

In times of darkness, it can be difficult to find the light. When the weight of the world feels too heavy to bear alone, organisations like SOSAD (Save Our Sons and Daughters) and The Samaritans extend a lifeline of hope and support.

SOSAD is a beacon of hope for many. This charity focuses on suicide prevention, intervention, and support, providing a range of mental health services accessible to all. From counselling and therapy to community outreach programs, SOSAD is committed to promoting mental wellness and resilience. With branches across the North East and in Laois, SOSAD offers phone and text support alongside in-person services. You can contact SOSAD through their website, which provides access to their 24-hour hotline, online chat, and counselling, all of which are free of charge.

The Samaritans is a household name in crisis intervention. Their helpline provides confidential emotional support to anyone in distress or at risk of suicide. With trained volunteers available 24/7, the Samaritans offer a non-judgmental space for individuals to express their feelings and thoughts. Their hotline is accessible across Ireland and the UK, ensuring help is always just a call away. In addition to their free call service, the Samaritans are piloting a new online chat service, and they also offer support via email or even through writing letters. Learn more about their services on their website.

Both SOSAD and The Samaritans play vital roles in the mental health landscape, offering solace and guidance to those navigating difficult times. Whether it's a listening ear, a comforting word, or a guiding hand, these organisations remind us that no one has to face their struggles alone.

If you or someone you know is in need of support, reach out to SOSAD or The Samaritans. Remember, you're not alone, and help is always available.

We've chosen to support SOSAD and The Samaritans because of their unwavering dedication to mental health support and crisis intervention. SOSAD's positive impact on our community and The Samaritans' reputation for reliability and reach make them invaluable resources for those in need. We stand by their mission to provide hope, help, and healing to all who seek it.